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Dinner shows and live entertainment (3)Dinner shows and live entertainment (4)

Image from Adam van Noort

Updated 7 May 2024 at 09:18

Amsterdam offers a brilliant range of options for live dinner entertainment, which means you won’t be rushing to put your coat back on after dessert. From cabaret clubs and jazz bars to dinner cruises and drag shows, here’s our round-up of the best venues to enjoy a little post-dinner entertainment.

Club Dauphine

Dinner shows and live entertainment (5)Dinner shows and live entertainment (6)

Dauphine’s live stage hosts some of the finest soul, pop, funk, R&B and jazz musicians, offering a surprising evening out with the intimate atmosphere of a New York nightclub. The most popular event is Friday Night Live, where you can tuck into a four-course dinner as you watch the band, while there are also regular shows on the first Sunday of every month.

The Chupitos Club

If the drinks alone won’t get you moving, the DJs will. Chupitos offers a wide range of popular music, themed nights, and renowned local and international DJs. The evening begins with a more mellow party vibe during dinner, which descends into DJ sets for co*cktail hour and a full-on club night to follow. Live performances, acts and musical talent frequently take to the stage so check the website agenda for regular nights and special events.

Bob's Boat Bash

Let yourself be carried away during an evening of surprises at Bob's Boat Bash - which takes place on a beautiful saloon boat. With the intimacy of a living room concert once a month, Douwe Bob treats you to a carefully curated lineup of musicians playing different styles and music from the house band while you tuck into the delicious snacks and drinks. There are two time slots to choose from (16:30-19:30 or 20:30-00:00, with possible departure at 23:00), and the boat departs from NDSM Wharf. Once on board, pick what you want to eat, whether it's a serving platter, bitterballen, or other tasty snacks.

Pasta e Basta

Dig intospaghetti vongoleas the talented waiting staff of this welcoming trattoria serenade you with arias, pop ballads and Italo disco.Pasta e Basta offers an Italian menu, beautiful wines and performances by professionally-trained waiters who will sing to you as you eat – the perfect soundtrack to a romantic dinner for two or a memorable group meal.

Paleis van de Weemoed

Nothing says glitz and glamour better than sequins, feather boas and some carefully-positioned tassels over a five-course a la carte meal. Paleis van de Weemoed, in the heart of Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District, is one of the most well-known cabaret and variety bars in the city. The venue hosts regular dinner shows with song, dance, jazz and some glitzy burlesque.

Bar Rouge

Dinner shows and live entertainment (7)Dinner shows and live entertainment (8)

Image from Adam van Noort

With red velvet decor, oysters and flowing champagne, this cabaret bar and nightclub channels the lavish bohemian glamour of those notoriousNuits Parisienne.Bar Rougeis an intimate spot for groups to enjoy fantastic Asian-inspired dishes, co*cktails, live entertainment and music from some of the hottest DJs in town. Check the website for their exclusive Christmas and New Year’s Eve events, bottomless brunches, Latin nights and everything else in between.

‘t Sluisje

Amsterdam’s most talented drag performers own the stage of this iconic theatre restaurant, which promises the most reliably fabulous night out in Amsterdam. From the outside,‘t Sluisjeseems like nothing more than your average brown cafe in the Jordaan. But inside, you’ll be transported to a world of spectacular cross-dressing, side-splitting comedy, music and warm hospitality over a delicious three-course meal.


Dinner shows and live entertainment (9)Dinner shows and live entertainment (10)

Part snack bar, part bar, part theatre, Scala has a go at doing it all. The result is a fun restaurant concept done well, perfect for bigger groups or an alternative date idea. The experience is a simple one; book your table for dinner, and between the three courses, you'll be taken for a short 20-minute show by one of their acts, which range from comedy to magic and live music. Food is more focused on sharing, and the main course involves picking your meal from the restaurant's repurposed snack bar, making for a FEBO-esque experience and a novel one at that.

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Dinner shows and live entertainment (2024)
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